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I want to provide audio/2D/3D assets for project

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Hi there,

      I'm a 42 Y.o guy who's gained quite a bit of experience in 2d pixel/3d object art and ive been a musician, studied sound engineering, can play guitar/sing a bit and also make electronic/synth stuff. Im learning to program in c/c++/c# but im finding im making slow progress with my coding. I've had the idea that i'd like to volunteer to provide assets for a project, that way I can get involved in a project whilst I catch up with my programming skills. Ive grown up from the 8-bit era and used to program assembly on my spectrum as a kid, I used to make art on imagine a and deluxe paint on my amiga. Ive lived through gaming in the windows 95/xp era and then the ps1/n64 consoles too. I'd really like to contribute 3d models/textures/pixel art/music to a project online and could maybe provide some artistic direction. (ps I also love sci-fi movies and books).

Ive created a channel on youtube, ive only put a couple of videos on there but im going to try an increase my output of content

here's the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAnBpmBK1FNX-ZBllwYSNSg

if any programmer/dev wants someone to work on assets for online project then message me.

I think It would be good for me to focus on creating content for a project and see it being put to use. (im on discord too ) 👍

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