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PJ Legendre

Music [PAID] Composer Wanted for Tower Defense Dungeon Crawler RPG

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a composer for Dwerve (https://Dwerve.com) - an upcoming tower defense dungeon crawler RPG for PC and mobile - and possibly consoles.

This is a paid, although we might ask for a free demo if your portfolio does not contain a track similar to what we want.


Game Description

Dwerve is a single-player tower defense dungeon-crawler RPG where you play as a young dwarven warrior-engineer that adventures into dungeons crawling with hordes of dwarf-thirsty trolls. Armed with turrets and traps, you hack ‘em to pieces and burn ‘em to ash while on your quest to destroy their secret weapon. Visit Dwerve.com for more details.

Music Style

Dwerve is the story of a young nerdy dwarven engineer that ventures through a dangerous mountain full of monstrous creatures. He is scared and alone. We want the music to capture this lonely journey into the dangerous unknown. We do not want it to be too orchestral, nor do we want it to be too retro. We imagine music similar to Hyper Light Drifter, FEZ, FTL, and The Final Station - highly emotional and ambient synth-based music, but with a fantasy dungeon twist. I imagine the music being emotional and ambient, but with some orchestral or environmental melodies over top. For example, synths/instruments that sound like trees swaying or bushes shaking for the forest. For the magma mines biome, you might have a melody made up of instruments/synths that sound like machines or pickaxes.

Track References



Project Status/Requirements

We’re working on getting funding for the project - including a proper audio budget. We thought having a couple of solid songs in the build would help a lot. So this job is currently for a couple of songs with the potential to be for the entire game OST once we get funding.

Demo build/video

- Windows: http://dwerve.com/Dwerve-Windows.zip
- Mac: http://dwerve.com/Dwerve-Mac.zip
- Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gf4Iq4wwXE&feature=youtu.be

Apply via email

Email a link to your work and your rate to contact@halfhumangames.com to apply. We encourage you to send demo music specifically for the forest biome or even download the video and apply the demo music over it, but this is not required. Make sure your rate within our current budget before making a demo.



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