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Zeath Sanford

[Rev-Share] Yami is Looking for Artists and Animators

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[Project Name]: Yami

Program/Language: Unity using C#, version 2018.2.10F1, GitHub use for version control. 

Roles Required: [ Pixel Animation, Concept Artist, Pixel Artist ] 

This is an example of our style >> shrubble.gif.d55d7626720ed9e491b55a6d5f1c33fc.gif

• Graphic Artist: 2D Pixel Art, able to make concept art or if a pixel artist make a pixelized version of the concept art created if you can do this we want you!

• Pixel Animator: 2D animation using pixel art and possible vector. We will give you a sprite of our own and see if you are able to animate it within the realm of our art direction.

[Project Description GDD]:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LQuc0iuyqBwLHfJLsAzNFCmmv2BnoheJJMwVk1mm0Lg

[Recruiting New Members Form] : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNFlGEhzDjbk3VkKwPf6LKQVkkhnD-Xm_LQA84evJ99jcfhA/viewform

1. Trello is used for organization
2. Git and Sourctree: to share the project and work on branches
3. GoogleDrive: to share files and documents
4. Unity

Yami is a multiplayer, MetroidVania, adventure game, focusing on puzzle-based discovery through the usage of platforming, portals, and lore puzzles as you progress. Players will control two characters, Yuki and Yuyo, who are brothers who can each control Yami powers, although differently. Yuki, the older sibling, has a pure version of the Yami magic, while Yuyo has a corrupted version.

Team size: 18 - at the moment.

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