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Help: Selecting an offer?

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Hello All,

I luckily found myself in the position of having two offers.
I've thought about it and I'm having difficulty of trouble selecting company A or company B.

The interview experience at company A was far superior. I ate lunch with three people. I had a drink with seven after the interview on the balcony.

So, right after the interviews it was a 90/10 split for company A.
After the interviews and the extensive amount of speaking I've done with company B it's a 40/60 split for company B.

The reason for the switch to company B has been:
+ Their recruiter and company have been *far* more responsive. I interpret this as professionalism.
+ My lead would have more industry experience at about twenty years and be an engineer
+ Work seems more systems programming
+ Less concern about lack of togetherness (they eat their lunch at their desks.... :(    )
+ Less concern about being fired. I saw the interview feedback so think it could be a good fit.

Granted the reputation for company B is that they're more prone to fire people based on performance.
At company A my lead would not be technical, but other people in our pod would be.

I guess my question is, how important do you think the interview experience is?
Company A was the clear winner post interviews, but has really dropped the ball while company B has done a great job connecting me with people, addressed concerns, and shown professionalism.

Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it.

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3 minutes ago, Plotnus said:

I luckily found myself in the position of having two offers.

Yeah, "luckily." :) You have to decide this all by yourself. I recommend you make a decision grid, putting together all the pluses and minuses of each company. Add them up. Weight the criteria that are most important to you. Unfortunately, there are always unknowns, and you can't know what the future will be like in either case. 

And you'll have to go with your gut, too. One company has been more responsive, you say. That might be professionalism, or they might have a greater need to have someone filling a role (and if it's the greater need thing, that could be for bad reasons). You really do need to make this decision yourself. It's your life.

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