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Well, depends on your goals. If you use this project for learning purposes, it is probably a good start. But if you actually want to make a real game out of it, then you have to invest a lot more time in basically everything. There are so many free  MMORPGs out there. What's the feature of your game that makes me want to play it above others? I saw nothing other MMORPGs don't have or what you did better than others.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to make your game bad, but turning it into an MMORPG will cost you a lot of time until you get everything right and if nobody plays your game, this time was wasted.

So in case, it is not just a learning project, think about how you get people interested in your game. You can approach it in several ways. It's not necessary to have high-quality graphics to be successful. Best example: Minecraft or text adventures. But then you need at least something else that distinguishes your game from the rest of the MMORPG soup and attracts players. This can be an interesting story, interesting game mechanics or special/appealing artistic style.



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It is always worth to finish a project because you take learnings for future projects from it. If it seems to consume too much time to develop all the features you have planned, reduce the feature list instead of quitting entirely

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