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Hi guys, it's been some weeks since i started to think to create an AI for a mobile game that i play, which can be played on PC as well so that i can use softwares

The problem is that i'm not really into "AI stuff" so i really don't know where to start, or how can my AI do what i want it to do.

In this first post i just want some tips about something my AI should do.

I'm not going to tell you all the game, because i prefer not to, and i think is not necessary either.


Ok so, one of the things my AI should do is this:

Recognise the map, the border of the map (basically the area where i can tap), it should recognise all the defenses in the map (which you can see, because you see the whole area from above),

Just this for now, i don't really know how the AI can recognise all the different defenses in the area just by seeing them, and it need to be a precise thing, we are talking about millimiters.

Maybe the AI can recreate the map in its software, but i don't know if im saying something right, so i'm just gonna leave this to you, hopefully someome will clarify thing to me.



Edit: just thought about the fact that i could even recreate the map by hand, with an ipotetic software with all the defenses and stats

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If you aren't really into this "AI stuff" then this project is far too complex for you to start with... and not just because of the AI part. The harder part here is doing things like image recognition to recognize the map and the units, understand the board, process the spatial aspects, etc. And, from the sounds of it, you don't even know how to program and execute a simple AI decision even if you had all that information already. That last part should be your starting spot... not the ending one.

Best bet is to learn how to do simple things like doing the AI for Tic-tac-toe or other simple board games where the information about the game state is already right there in front of you in game data. Once you have done that a few times, then getting into the advanced stuff of doing image recognition, etc. you might be able to tackle.

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Um... no. If he can't even do image processing to determine what the map is, influence maps aren't going to help him at all. (And I've written articles and GDC lectures on influence maps and use them in my consulting work on AAA games... so I've kind of been there.)

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