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Gameplay Visual Novel Character Naming and Audio Option Question.

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I have two questions.

I am working on a visual novel and am giving the player the option to name their character; however, I have a few names (such as, other character names and nicknames) that I do not want the player to be able to use. How can keep them from choosing those name? 

My second question is: If the player chooses to keep the pre-programmed Main Character name, I want that name to be voiced. If they choose their own name, I want the "omitted name" audio to play. How can I do this? 

Thank you for your time! I really appreciate any help that I can get! 

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These sound like programming and/or tool-related questions, but I don't see any tags or other mention of those (apologies if I'm missing them). What language(s), tools, etc. are you using?

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