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3D Shadows in Diligent Engine

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Diligent Engine now implements some shadow rendering BKMs:

- Cascaded shadow maps with cascade stabilization
- Variance shadow maps
- Two and four-component exponential variance shadow maps
- Optimized fixed-size or world-sized filter kernels
- Best cascade search based on projection into light space
- Filtering across cascades
- Various artifact removal techniques

The main goal is to create a plug-and-play shadowing component that can be easily integrated into applications. The component consists of a shadow map manager and few shader functions. A Shadows sample demonstrates how to integrate Diligent shadows into an application.


Check it out on GitHub: https://github.com/DiligentGraphics/DiligentEngine#high-level-rendering-components-1

I am planning to add exponential shadow maps and moment shadow maps later. Are there any state-of-the-art shadowing techniques that I should also take a look at?


Variance Shadow Maps

Shadow sample update by MJP

Shadow Explorer sample from Intel

Cascaded Shadow Maps technical article by Microsoft

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