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How to create a Level design portfolio

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This is going to be a long one.

about me:

18 years old.

I recently graduated from my IT/Game development high school (3 years).

I’m currently taking a year long break before continuing with my studies.

I’m looking to apply to this game development university with the Game Design education (specifically Level design) in mind. http://futuregames.se/utbildningar/higher-vocational-education/game-design

Futuregames (the university) is ranked 2nd in the world in Game Design.(according to therookies.co) 

I’m applying to this university next year feb-apr.

I studied c#(2 years, 3h/week), 3D/2D animation (1 year, 3h/week), photoshop (3 years) , illustrator (6 months), 3dsmax (1 year, 3h/week), maya (1 year, 3h/week), html5 and css3 (2 years).

I also know the basics in Unity and Unreal Engine 4 including scripting. (1 year)

Now here’s my question.

what kind of content do I fill my portfolio with? I have nothing in terms of level design and I don’t know what to start with. Do I create mods? Is there some kind of udemy course where they show you the level design process step by step. I’m lost right now and any tips would be greatly appreciated. The requirements for the uni application is in the link above. What do you think they mean? How do I approach this? I have no real level design experience.


sorry for any grammatical errors.


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Hey Nicolas,


That course requires you to build a small game as a work sample. Even a small game can take a while to make so keep that in mind. My girlfriend tried getting in that school for 2 years and it is very hard to get into it even with a good work sample. Have you looked into a plan B or C? As far as a portfolio goes, they most likely won't look at it (my girlfriend was told this from a speaker from there who visited her school). A PDF of your game and talking about the process it took to make it is all that is needed.

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