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Programmer looking for hobby/part time project

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Hi, I'm a soon to be (1 semester left) computer science engineer looking for a project to which I can contribute to in my free time. I have 4 years of experience with Unity and know a fair share of languages at an intermediate level including C++, C#, Python, etc. but I don't have any requirements nor I'm looking for anything in particular. I've also worked on web development for a year and a half. My goal is to gain more experience in game programming while working towards finishing a project to start making a portfolio. I'd really like to work with a team of people as opposed to "an artist/designer with an idea" but every offer is welcome. Keep in mind that I won't be able to work full time on the project, as I'm still finishing my studies.

If you are interested contact me on Discord, my ID is Luchong#2502, or PM me.

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Hello, i am a programmer who is working on a pure c++ + opengl game , i have completed a lot of my current project and recently i have found a graphic artist who is helping me. I need a co-programmer who could help me in the development of my engine and working at the game logic. Note that the engine is not a real engine more a set of libraries to get thing accomplished.

I have 20+ years of c++ and usually my day job is on 'seuroius programming'.

The game is simple , its not an fps or something unreachable, its a small projet but with lots of potential.

If you are interested, pm or write to vp8671@libero.it

Thanks and sorry for my english


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