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I need graphics and marketing for an almost finished voxel RPG

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Hello there!

I am Christopher and in the past 5 years I've developed a multiplayer voxel RPG called Cube Universe. It already has a lot of features, including an infinite, randomly generated universe, a pretty advanced quest system, different planets, 6 playable species, and more. All of this is based upon a custom engine that supports 0.5m blocks.

I'm first and foremost a programmer, so I focused on getting the programming done. I have had some help from freelance and voluntary artists but I need more, especially for some quest ideas.

In terms of Graphics I need:

  • 3D models of enemies for various quests
  • 3D models of various furniture (beds, doors, decorative items)
  • Block structures such as houses etc.
  • Improved textures for the blocks, including normal maps

In terms of Marketing I just need someone with some experience and good ideas and preferably some skills in webdesign (not programming, just the design part). I'm not good at marketing because I simply have no experience and only beginner skills in graphics design.

The game is already released and can be bought by players, so I can offer a revenue share if you want to.

Feel free to contact me here or via Discord: Beosar#8149

May the stars enlighten your path!

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Hey! Sam from Oro Interactive here.

I can provide the marketing services you are looking for. 

You can add me on Discord: Smokeheadt #2262 for a private conversation. 



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Hi, My web design site is SamWilson3D.com . I have an associates degree in computer animation and 10+ years experience with photoshop. I might be interested. Can I see some idea of what you are building?

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Hi Sam! You can just play the game to see what it's like. There is a free demo on the website.

I want to add more quests, so I need all sorts of things, e.g. a model of a bear and a skeleton that you need to inspect for a quest where you have search for a missing guard that was eaten by bears.

The models are made out of voxels (1/32m) with 4x4 pixels per face. There is an editor in the game that supports voxelizing .obj files, building with voxels, generating a texture (png) that has the faces mapped onto it, and exporting the model to blender for animation and drawing on the texture (if you want to draw directly on the model, otherwise you can use Photoshop or do both).

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