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Open source 2D lightweight engine aimed for .io games

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Hey, so I've been making this 2D lightweight engine targeted for Javascript and Canvas, making it ideal for the web (e.g: .io games). This was supposed to be a simple contiuation of the framework I made for my game jams, though taking the idea to it's logical conclusion it slowly it started be more and more demanding and as my spare time dwindles I realize that the project needs more people to keep it's quality.

So far it's only been me, but it's not a simple task as the line count is now over ~62,000 (js only) and maintainance starts playing a role. 

Current state

  • Most standard features are working as a lib
  • There are demos & tests (pong ~140 loc)
  • Now working on editor
  • Hoping to work on multiplayer soon enough

How can you help

I'm hopin to find some enthused socket.io programmers to help up with the project, also anyone experienced in making GUI, so we can finish the editor (there is already something basic). Even telling me whether or not this engine is a good idea or if how the idea itself can be improved would help a lot.


Github: https://github.com/g--o/JSCF

Website: https://g--o.github.io/web-JSCF/ (demos on site are somewhat unstable, better try them from the repo)

Thank you for reading, appreciate your time


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Posted (edited)
On 8/12/2019 at 12:24 PM, Dawoodoz said:

You might get more replies from https://www.gamedev.net/forums/forum/29-hobby-project-classifieds/ but my experience tells me that unpaid help comes and goes quickly unless they are actual friends.

Thanks! Yeah well me asking for help is pretty much asking to team up, my assumption is that the person joining is interested / needs this kind of engine / coding experience.

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