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[REV SHARE] Team needed to finish a 3D platformer

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Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Culley, and I am the lead designer of a 3d platforming game tentatively named "Project Mars". First, a little about myself. Project Mars is my second game and began development in 2016. At that time I was funding development all by myself with the goal of finishing and releasing the game by fall of 2017. Things were progressing very quickly until April of 2017. In April I was unfortunately hospitalized with a very rare conginental defect known as a Rathke's Cleft Cyst. Emergency surgery was required and I attempted to resume work. Sadly, my condition worsened over the next three months, I vomited daily, lost consciousness, suffered from horrific headaches, and could barely leave bed. In August of 2017 I was hospitalized again and required a second surgery to remove the cyst again and underwent a chemo treatment. I then spent the next two months recovering and was unable to work. By the time I finally returned to work in November of 2017 the game was 6 months behind schedule, and due to a combination of this delay and my medical expenses I went broke and was forced to let my team go and cease all development. Since then I have focused on strengthening my body and putting my personal life back in order. I recently got married, went back to college, and published an original comic book on Comixology! 

Now then, on to where you all fit in. I am well enough now to begin development on this game again. Unfortunately I no longer have the funds to pay people to develop the game with me, but I am willing to offer very generous revenue sharing programs to get the game to Kickstarter! Once we get it to Kickstarter (My hope is we can accomplish this in about 6 months) YOU, my team, will get 100% of the proceeds from the Kickstarter. The Kickstarter money will go towards paying you all from the Kickstarter through till the game's release. After the game's release you will all get your rev sharing proceeds for your work from now till the Kickstarter. 

I need the following team members:
Programmer (The game was developed in Unity)
Level Designer
UI Artist
Concept Artist
Music Composer 
3D Modeler (Mostly for environments/level geometry)

Here are some useful links, the first two show most of the 3D assets that have been completed for the game. Most of the character assets are complete, as are pieces of 3 different levels. 


Here is the all important, and as of yet incomplete GDD.


I look forward to working with you all and finishing this game!

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1 hour ago, Rutin said:

Wow, your project looks really good. :) I like the art style.

Thanks man! I took a lot of inspiration from Banjo Kazooie and other mid 90s Rareware games. 

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3 minutes ago, Lunixart said:

What platforms?

It'll be on PC with a Steam release initially. If the Kickstarter does well we may also do a Nintendo Switch release, but that's not at all a priority at the moment.

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Hi, Martianman! My name is Iryna and I'm 2d artist. I like the idea of your game and also characters looks very cool!  This reminds me old games like Sonic 3d, Madagascar, Taz:Wanted, etc🙂

I want to create some characters or environment concepts for you(for free). Please, contact me via email irmainforest@gmail.com to see my portfolio and talk about details.

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Hello, I'm a Composer/Sound Designer. My main influences are Banjo Kazooie and I'm a big fan of Grant Kirkhope and David Wise, I'd site them as my main influences along with Koji Kondo and Noburu Uematsu (Zelda, Mario and Finaly Fantasy). So I think my style and taste could fit with your idea :)

My gmail is coreytsound@gmail.com, I'd love to swap some details/portfolio and talk about ideas so get in touch if you like :)

Best Regards,


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