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How would you describe my game in one sentence?

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There were a lot of good reviews, so I'm trying to figure out the best way of pitching the game to someone who didn't play demo.

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Describing your game in one sentence, and one paragraph, and one page is your job. Every game needs descriptions in multiple lengths (to explain the game to prospective business partners, and for marketing). The person who knows the game best has to create those descriptions.In this case, that's you.

btw, your post was moved to Business because you said your intent is to pitch the game (pitching is a business activity). 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for moving it to the right place. I wasn't sure between these two sections.

4 hours ago, Tom Sloper said:

Why don't you write a sentence and fly it by us?

The problem is I got several ideas. People with clear view might help me pick one.

Should I go with "2D side scroller RPG with unique Match3 combat system" or "Mature RPG about suicide reasons and purpose of life", or straightforward "Baldurs Gate meets Darkest Dungeon and Match3". I want to tell the story, although mechanics is really cool as well...

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Seems like you want to have both, and there's no reason why you can't take a little from both.

"Mature RPG about suicide and the purpose of life with a unique Match3 combat system."

"2D side scroller RPG about suicide reasons and the purpose of life."

What you need to figure out, is everything you want to say then cut that down to put into one sentence. You need to figure out why your game belongs in your chosen genre (RPG) and also what makes your game different from other similar games. I think this is called a position statement, if you want to read up on that.

Looks like you already have the list of things you think are important to display, so all you need to do is select that down to a sentence:



- 2D scroller for PC/mobile platforms

- Hand-painted (watercolor) assets

- Branching Dialogue and Quest systems

- Various skills and parameters

- Complex match3 combat

- Dynamic Events

- Interactive environment and items

- Nonlinear story and different endings

- Puzzles and riddles

- Multiple companions with their own story arcs

- Deep lore

Mix that with the sentences you provided, and I can come up with something like:

"Hand painted RPG presenting the complexities around suicide through a deep story with puzzles and a unique combat system."

This is just an example. Obviously, it works better for a person who gets the game than an internet stranger who spent a few minutes reading through your game's page.

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@DavinCreed Wow that's actually awesome composition. You catch the gist of the game very accurate! That's is exactly what I tried to check, if an internet stranger saw it. Thanks a lot! 

I'll mix it up with another view I've been told once: "Exploring the societal repercussions of immortality, including a place people intentionally go to escape it..."

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