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Need some team mates for Unknown Origins

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My name’s Zack. Two months ago, my partner, Jamie, and I had began work on Unknown Origins (title subject to change). We are still very much looking to expand the team to help bring our ambitious ideas to fruition.
We’ve spent the last 2 months working hard to produce a small section of the game. We have built a major part of the first environment, a working combo system, a working HUD, interactable items, etc.
A big reason for us wanting to share our work so far is that our first post outlined a pretty ambitious idea, where we said we want to do X, Y and Z. It’s easy for us to say we are going to do something; it’s another thing entirely too actually do it. 
(Everything you see below is in a state of early development. Jamie has done an amazing job on the visuals but everything else will go through further refinement. I am a software developer not an animator, level designer, or anything near it but I have attempted to put together a very rough idea of what we are attempting. )
The link below is a number of screenshots from a small section of our first environment. We hope this gives people a good idea of the art style and atmosphere of the game.


Furthermore, we also have a short video to highlight some of the gameplay features we have created.


A few notes: The characters are placeholders as well as some of the animations. We’re hoping to get a character designer and an animator this way the programmer isn’t attempting do it.

If you’re interested in joining the project, or have any questions, please feel free to get in contact by sending a PM.
What roles are we looking for?
•    Character Artists
•    Environment Artists
•    Level Designer
•    Animator

We regard this as the first milestone for the game, as well as the first of hopefully many update posts. If anything you have seen above has piqued your interest then, again, feel free to check out our original post for further details or send me  PM.
Thanks very much for taking the time to look at our update post.

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Hey, my name's Jamie, the one mentioned in the post above. I just wanted to drop a comment updating everyone on what we have found, and what we are still looking for. 

What we have found:
- Sound Designer
- Music Composer
- Programmer
- Project Manager
- Level Designer

What are we still looking for:
- Environment Artists
- Character Artist
- Animators

I also want to outline some of the criteria we have for the artists:

- Knowledge of the full PBR workflow from, blockout - high poly - low poly - unwrapping - baking - texturing

- Some experience with sculpting - the art style incorporates it heavily

- This is not a necessity, but it may be useful if you have any prior experience working with a stylised art style. Its absolutely fine if you don't, all we ask is that you have an interest in the art style and are happy to learn it, as there will likely be a learning curve when coming into a new art style. 

- For the character artist - it would be useful if you are able to create neat topology, suitable for animation, on the low poly mesh, as the characters and creatures will need to be animated. 

- For the animators - we ideally need people who have some prior experience working with full character animations, including rigging. 

I would like to re-iterate on the original post by saying, we're not expecting anyone to be an expert in their role; we have no problem with people coming on board and learning (at the end of the day, we are all constantly learning new things), but we do ask that you meet the criteria outlined above.

If you're interested in joining the project, then please feel free to contact either myself or Zack (the original poster) via PM. 

Thanks very much

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