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Question on working with noise results

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Hi, everyone!

I recently decided to dig a little deeper into Perlin's rabbit hole.
So far, it's working out nicely. But now, I struggle with things that come on top of that.
Simply put: how will I get the most out of that?

To keep things easy and visual, let's pretend, I'd plot the results onto a texture.
Let's also say, I'd have some pre-defined value ranges like for example 0-.33 would get a red pixel, .34-.66 a green one and .64-1 would get a blue one.
So we'd now have a texture with clear shapes of either one color, right?

Now, my question would then be: Is there a CPU-friendly, algorithmic way to
a) get some information about those shapes (like their center point, area and perimeter).
b) tell something about any given point within those areas (like their distance to the nearest border or to the center)

Thanks a lot! :)

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