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A genre changing bug

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Hi everyone,

This was a bug that I had a few years back during early development of my first game, a 2d platformer called Slime Wars. I was just learning how to code and make games and I was trying to figure out how to prevent the player from infinitely jumping. What I was going was I was trying to have a empty game object detect another game object that was classified as ground, as for a while it was not working. When i say a while, I mean 2 months. I then decided to say screw it and I started to turn the game in a competitive 2d arena game. A month passes and when making that version of the game I fix the bug that was causing the infinity jump glitch and screwed with all the work on that version of the game. Luckily I still had a saved version of the platformer variant, so I went back to that.

So, to sum up the story, I had a bug that had me change the game genre twice!!


Have a good day,



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