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Issue with MS-DOS .BBM file format.

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1 hour ago, yaboiryan said:

I actually just found an application for DOS that can...

"Seek and ye shall find" isn't always a good thing.

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11 hours ago, yaboiryan said:

@Tape_Worm, however, you cannot export images. I know how to import them. Exporting them is the issue.

Well that sucks, I never checked that as I've never needed to export the format. Unfortunately the only way I know of to write out LBM at this moment is to use Deluxe Paint, which, well, is no longer available legally (at least as far as I know).

I found this little DOS app: http://www.pictview.com/descript.htm, it claims to support writing the LBM format.

If you're feeling brave, you can use Gimp and this Gimp plug in: http://blitterstudio.com/gimp-iff-plugin/

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I should learn to read.

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OK, so I found a program called ProMotion NG (which I have through Steam).  It definitely supports reading and writing of LBM formats (I just tested - works fine).

Now, near as I can see, the full application isn't free, but there is a limited free version which might do enough for your needs.


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1 minute ago, Tape_Worm said:

You're welcome.

I am using the free version, and I can even load and create my own palettes!

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