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Looking for a programming lead and other positions for our pixel ARPG

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Hi all!

I'm part of a small group of indie devs, who have spent the last 4 months building the foundations for an action rpg (sci-fi, dark fantasy kind of mashup, its cool I promise 😄). We've got a ton of assets, as far as characters, lore, artwork, animations, and even a basic level, but we need someone to help us out with the further aspects of making a game, namely the programming of these things! We've been making steady progress toward launching a crowdfunding drive, as we have the artists and basis necessary to create a trailer, but we have a section of game footage we have to fabricate to complete it, hence the need for a lead programmer as we're down to one programmer at the moment, and as you can imagine, that's a bit of work 😅 

We're looking for someone comfortable with unity/C#, version control (github), and either has experience with team management, or would like to assume the role for experience. Beyond that, we need additional programmers, pixel background/level artists, and a level designer or more (we've already got a few but "many hands make for light work" and all that 😁). I'm attaching a few things to show a bit of our progress, but it really is just a bit. We've got a lot more work, with more things being made, and we're really close to putting it out on social media and Patreon. So, if you're interested, just drop me a line here, and we can talk details.

Hope to hear from you soon 😊





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