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A New Galaxy, Creation

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The idea being use the Star Wars approach, have the game side and a animation side with stories/episodes. So that each side promotes the other.


The games would be all over the place... Rpgs, strategy, simple games and the rest. More like star wars where games are generated off all sorts of eras and content. 


I have the start of a galaxy, 8 species, the early planetary history and early space in that section of space... Would like to see another 24 species added.. All unique and worth while. Allowing for origin storys for each species


Obviously founding members are partners, those that come on later paid help when it generates money.


The Galaxy has a few key pieces... No humans... They always become the center point, leaders of both sides and become immortal rulers of the galaxy.  This Galaxy would have more carnivores, and naturally violent species. Less alliances/federations... Far smaller groups.

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