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I am also looking to form a team, if anyone wants to join, please, email me at cameron.widmar@fishburne.org   I will get back to you as soon as I can. What we will be doing is creating, designing, programming, etc. games for the public or for our own enjoyment. I will have the game backstory up on this topic. Again, if you are interested, please email me. I am looking for sound designers/engineers, programmers, artists, level designers, game backstory writers, and more. Again, if interested, email me at the address I have listed at the top.

Known World Warfare.docx

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I have a galaxy size story you may like. Im also looking for a group. 8 fleshed out species all unique with an additional 10 being thought out.

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I would love to join. Is there a place/site that I can join your group as well? Also, what do you want the group to be called? Can I see the backstory without editing it as well?



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I've been working on the galaxy, while not giving to much away some key points.

No humans (they become the invincible home team that name the franchise they become all powerful)

No time Travel. No going back in time to fix issues.

I have 25 species now, they are not unified on a species or galactic level. One species in particular they are a peaceful people, they are absolute experts on ship based habitats, and find themselves traded away, but masters of what they do.  Some treat them with respect, others have them as a lower option on a menu.

It would have many layers of complexity, for instance a species may have dark eras and be absolute monsters,  followed by a taming down era. Where a species will not be finish to start vilians, may take a few hundred years... Alliance will come and go, but some will prevail.

An aspect i find interesting is that species will seperate among many lines, home systems are not all loved by the species. Some have actually destroyed the planet from wars to where they limp into the space age, nuclear war, and orbital bombardment.

The species are very diverse, all competent and useful, they all are bipedal humanoids, they are derived from animals (extinct and alive) not carbon copies by no means, an example fur loss, perhaps modified, but may keep attributes and traits from that species. An example lose the tails bigger heads, it wouldn't be a toddler galaxy. Will have a little bit of reptile against mammal. Obviously the best reptiles went extinct a few hundred million years ago. But reptile to mammal is around 40-60, smart animals where singled out, including purely aquatic.

Much of the galaxy follows Heros of a species, one fun aspect is a main theater of war it has 2 stories following 2 different leaders, both of them accomplished, and the 2 different accounts explain the entire story. You watch one side and leaves you wondering how did they let that happen, and you find out as an example they stuffed ships with anyone with a pulse.

Another aspect is some species have been in space for over a melenium, while others are in the dark ages. Some species will be close to 3 meters/yards tall, and others closer to 1 meter/yards tall.

Still looking for partners especially animators, when the idea can be illustrated, wont have any issue getting coders.

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