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Anyone knows an article on level editors?

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Does anyone know an article on developing level editors for games, because I want to make a game. I want to make a level editor, so I can make the levesl for the game easily.

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There probably aren''t many tutorials on making a level editor because they are rather specific for the type of game that you are making. That and not many people make it to that stage of a project.

Moe''s site

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I''m working on my own 3D engine right now, and the first program I''m making... is... a level editor for my coming engine! Sure, this may seem strange, but what should I load in as levels if I haven''t got any (wanna have my own file structures )?

The interface is much like normal level editors and 3D progs: 3 orthogonal viewports and a perspcetive view. This perspective view is the simplified 3D engine. For now, I can only put out arbitrary triangles to be put in a list.

To make the interface simple, use only arrays for data, not structures. Different coordinates are used for every viewport. The top-view uses X-Z, the side-view uses Y-Z etc. A clever way to do this:


typedef float vector_t[3];

int axices[VIEW_PORTS][3] =
{{ X, Z, Y }, // Top view

{ Z, Y, X }, // Side view

{ X, Y, Z }, // Front view


triangle.p[point1][axices[viewPort][X]] = newX;
triangle.p[point1][axices[viewPort][Y]] = newY;


The orthogonal views don''t show you depth of the level very well. You should have a depth anyway, and a zoom. Both are simple to implement.

Well, I''m working on my own right now, so don''t ask me too much. I''m not an expert (yet ).

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