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Deja Vu: A memory puzzle game with a twist

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Deja Vu: - Click to download on Google Play Store!

We've all felt that feeling of Deja Vu - (the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before) or in simpler terms - same same but different . In this ball game, players have to memorize a series of movement but instead of just replicating it, we have to replicate its reflection!
This is not a brain game like any other as players have to use their brain power to memorize, think and act! All this whilst racing against time before the timer stops!

How to play
○Memorize the ball movement
○Reflect ball movement vertically or horizontally by observing the orientation of the background
○Movement and speed increases gradually
○Unlock different modes to keep challenging yourself!

○Simple control
○Clean minimalist graphics
○Soothing background music
○High score
○Different modes to unlock with increasing difficulty to keep your brain stimulated

Play for free and start challenging your friends to how many moves you can remember!

[Credit goes to Tony Longworth for the beautiful BGM ♪] - www.tonylongworth.com


2019-09-04 (34).png

2019-09-03 (4).png

2019-09-04 (33).png

2019-09-04 (13).png

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