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Hello everybody!


Now I'm developing a game with a simple unobtrusive gameplay. The goal of the game is to get to the other side by jumping on platforms. Control is a single jump button, but it's not that simple. In this case, I like Nintendo's approach to its games. Where, at first glance, the simple control of the character hides a deep mechanics that the player discovers gradually.

I want to implement this approach in my game. For example, if the landing immediately press jump, the character will make a combined jump with a flip. For combined jump player will earn more game points. 

Game points can be spent, for example, that would save the game on a special platform for this. Thus, it is profitable for the player to plan his actions. In addition, for example, if the player lands on the edge of the platform, he will lose his balance and fall, but if the landing immediately press the jump button, the player will not fall and will continue to jump.

The game world too is not simple. Platforms have their own character: there are disappearing platforms,those that randomly move, move apart, etc. But more about that later.

Now ready character design, platform design and entry-level background. As well as basic animation and mechanics.


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Added some enemies ghosts. Actually did a lot of things else, but it is still difficult to show.


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