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Problem with my laptop

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Hi all,

Long time since I last posted here but anyway. I'm going on a trip next month and wanted to take my laptop with me (for occasional programming), but it doesn't seem to start. Last time I used it was maybe 3-4 years ago, it's a laptop from like 2006 or something.

I have no battery on the laptop since it died years ago also had to replace the charger cable (or whatever you call it) like 6 years ago when the old one died. It's old HP laptop. When the power cable is plugged in the input port has blue light lit, but whenever I press the power button the hotbar lights flash for less than a second and the power indicator flashes too. After that though the power cable light pulses (doesn't flash) for few seconds. The model is HP Pavilion dv6700

I was thinking could a dead CMOS battery cause this or some piece of hardware has died? Last time I used it, it worked fine (3-4 years ago).

Anyone have any idea or something I could try to figure out what's wrong? I'm leaving in two weeks.

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Unless it's a known hardware issue with an inexpensive reliable fix (have you found manuals and user support forums?), I'd just buy a new laptop: adventurous repairs are in the same price range as replacing the whole thing, and sending your laptop out for, say, a motherboard replacement can take more than two weeks.

Maybe you can reuse the RAM sticks and the HD or SSD unit to reduce costs.

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