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Should AI be replaced with jobs that humans can do?

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If you mean 'should' in the sense of - with the aim to invest in efficiency and reduce error, then I think everyone agrees humans should be replaced by robots wherever possible.

If you mean 'should' in the sense of - with the aim to make available meaningful roles to humans, such that they don't sink into existential crisis and depression, then I think the question is more complicated. In the end, people flourish when there are opportunities to do with your life something that both benefits the individual, and benefits at least some others, mentally and physically. Do you think that after AI has replaced humans in every way possible, there will still be enough of those roles around? Perhaps humans will have to take on roles that are at least fulfilling, if not useful. Perhaps we already do that.

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It depends on the task. Personally, I think AI should be left to do hard and repetitive tasks while we humans should move up the ladder and do the jobs that require actual problem solving and creativity.

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