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Hi there I'm looking at putting together a team to make a game in their free time, but here's the thing once the game is at a good alpha point I want to get it published as an early access game to help create a name for the studio we have started. 
So if anyone one is interested in this opportunity please dont hesitate to reply.

The game I have in mind is a open world survival game where you have make sure you can survive the night before all the creatures wake and hunt you down, I want it to be a 1st person shooter with block building and terrain manipulation, so you can dig and build how ever freely the players want. I want it to be multi player so people can team up. Also would like it to have a story mode, single or co-op. If you are interested please message or reply, we need people from all fields of game development. That's from story righter, artist, programmer, 3d artist and terrain/world creator to audio artist/producer. Once we have a team and have had a couple of meetings through Skype or what ever is easier for everyone and we have brain stormed ideas we will get on with making a game 

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