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Edgar Reynaldo

Hex based territory game

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Hello all, just looking for some ideas on what kinds of things to include in my new game. It's just a prototype of a hex based territory game with mechanics based on income and points.

Currently 3 players (red, green, and blue) take turns placing a tile to claim part of a new territory. Each round consists of one turn, at the end of which score is calculated based on income.

A tile that is owned gives you 4 points income. An owned tile next to another owned tile grants you 2 bonus points income. For each border territory you influence you gain 1 additional point.

The idea is to place your tiles so that you get the most points and your enemies get the least.

Hover and LMB tile placement are all you need to play this game.

As an aside, I've looked at the freeware game Hex War and it's got combat. I was going to include something of the sort, based on your influence being the number of dice you can roll when attacking a neighboring territory. Top row is score, bottom row is income per round.

Fully static win32 exe can be found here :


What are some ideas for developing this game further?

Source can be found under Hex.cpp and hexsrc\ here :


To build you need Eagle and Allegro5, CMake, and right now the Hex game builds with a CB project. Will change to cmake soon. I just found a couple minor scoring bugs, so keep tuned for an update.

Happy programming trails!





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