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Okay i am building a super market game...


and im developing the ai for my npc...


i am thinking about the way that customers walk around a super market and it kinda has a fluid motion feel to it.... like they way they way in between aisles..

im very seriously considering writing a vector field for my  my path where the customer (npc) can  sense pivot points (end of aisle) and transition



another thought i had was just an intuitive.. if you went right last time... go left this time walking the entirety of the supermarket and starting over


i amg oing back and forth on this idea... what is the most realistic path and most efficient use of my memory


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  1. You could use a flow field for the movement which could provide smooth movement, I created a unity asset that directs unity movement with flow fields, however that might be a bit overkill, might be good if the goal keeps changing or you want to move a lot of shoppers to the same goal. I think that waypoints might be a better fit solution, but really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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