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Options for FMV playback in our engine?

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I am the lead developer on a game engine project and we want to support FMV playback in the engine.

Our engine is using Direct3D11 for graphics and FMOD for audio and we are looking for a library that will allow us to load a video file (in any format that we can legally encode to, distribute and play back without needing to pay money to anyone and that isn't going to take up massive CPU horsepower to decode) and in our engine have code that decodes whatever the next frame is into something we can then easily draw on the screen (as well as being easily able to wire the audio up to FMOD or something).

Bink seems to be one of the standards in this area but since this is a hobby project being done by people in their spare time and since no money is involved (the stuff we do is distributed for 100% free although its not open source), spending money to buy a Bink license isn't an option.


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Bink dosen't seem very hobbyish to me and has a large reputation base so try it. I ggogled for it and came to rad game tools website.

You propably might not find anything more stable without paying money except you write it on your own

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The normal open source candidates:




New idea - use a simple implementation of a very old codec:


This one is great for small videos that you would use in your game world, because the frames remain compressed on the GPU after you decode them from the video stream:



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