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Zackary Baker

I'm looking for a 2D artist for a reverse detective-them-up

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So, we decided on an idea. Its a bit hard to explain, but maybe it'll make sense when I lay it all out.

The story starts with a walking and talking crocodile named Nyle. You play as him. The world is populated by people like him, but also humans. Think Undertale mixed with Zootopia.

See, the issue with Nyle, besides unkempt scales and an almost obsessive need to clean, is that he likes to eat people. Thats where we have the dillema

The goal of the game is to help Nyle clean up crime scenes, pick targets, and go about your daily business as a modern crocodile would.
So think a reversed detective them up, in a world slowly getting worse as animals become more feral, and nyle has to keep dealing with the constant carnivorous beast inside of him, snapping to get out.
Its not super wide in scope, but i can understand why it might be a bit of a technical challenge. Its not super linear, but if you think about it it doesnt have to be a massive tree of choices and consequences. Just depends on how far we take this
We're not super sure about the aesthetic yet, either. Thats been a tricky one. We need something that can properly convey the complexity of a crime scene while also being super bloody during action scenes.
Thats where you come in.
Nothing is required, besides a simple grasp on how to do pixel art, and skill in art in general
We already have a concept and level design artist, a programmer, a writer, and a production manager.
Contact me at either zackary.baker436@gmail.com, or zackman634#8499 on discord.

Full body Concept art.png

Other concept art.png


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