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Hi guys... so, I'm gonna ramble on about me for a moment, or you can just skip the details below...

So, this isn't exactly the thing I'm used to doing. Usually I just start random projects, get some good ideas, tear those out, and implement them into other ideas that never get completed. I'm a programmer who just designs all types of systems to be used, generally in a modular format so that pieces can easily be changed out... pieces that I never end up changing out or sharing with others. I work a physically demanding job and then work on my different projects. Just this past week I setup an LDAP with Azure Active Directory(yes, AAD doesn't provide LDAP...), Perforce source control with LDAP, Jenkins CI(with LDAP) and worked on some of my projects... I stumbled across this here website and wanted to try this out. I get a little spastic simply because I don't have people to work with and to focus on a project with, so without further empathy(and shitty grammar)...

I would like to work on some 3D Unreal Engine based projects. Currently I have 2 main focuses. First being a Survival type game that some people have told me to maintain. The other a RTS named Empires(Though could change) set in a medieval time with some, rather unique features.

As I said, I am a loner and a programmer. I can't pull off Game Design, Level Design, Concept Art, 3D Designs, Music. I can be the Project Lead unless someone becomes better fit.

So the officially unofficial list of talents that I am making assumptions about are as follows:

  • Artists
    • 3D Characters
    • 3D Models
    • 2D Artists(for things I'm sure)
    • UI Designer(I really suck at these)
  • Sound Designers
    • Ambiance
    • Sound Effects
  • Voice Actors
    • Obviously not something needed soon/right away
  • Programmer
    • Probably only 1 or 2 more, so I have people to talk to
    • UE4 Blueprints
    • C++
  • Game Designer
    • Someone needs to structure ideas and structure gameplay

Most of the ground work has been laid, a source control server is prepped, a jenkins build server is ready should one be needed(Well, still debugging it a little sadly...). Mostly each member will need to install Unreal Engine and then Perforce, then simply check out the latest copy of the project(s). I was thinking about using Microsoft Teams, though can switch to whatever is most desired.

I'd like to avoid the business side of things right away... though obviously since this has an end goal, discussions can and will be had. Getting to know each other is a good first step however. Also, hate to say this, but for a legal standpoint and since the goal would be to produce this, members would need to be of 18 years of age, otherwise could be copyright issues.

You can contact me here or at admin@frs.llc if you'd like to join a team!

Here's to hoping I didn't do something stupid.

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Hey there,

I am new to this forum but I am quite old with Sound design, music composition and audio mixing and mastering. Felt like it was about time to get in to the video game scene. So here I am. I am hoping to build up a better portfolio in the Audio design department for games. So if you manage to get a strong, motivated team together then I am all on board if you want to. I am leaving you a link with my portfolio. Also I will leave some other links to my work which will probably interest you more.

Portfolio. - http://rokastesting.weebly.com/

Some audio work I did at uni with unreal engine 4, nothing fancy to look at visually but music by me. Sound was done also by me and another guy.


Some music with I think you might dig.




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