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Unity My Train Arrives / my first game

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My Train Arrives is a railway construction simulation game. Build railroads, open new routes for trains. 

Steam page


Main features
- Combination of dynamic and relaxing game modes
- 12 locomotives and 25 wagons with different characteristics
- 7 cities
- 4 game modes: campaign, survival, evacuation and relaxation
- Nice graphics and relaxing music
Game modes
Campaign. You need to transport a certain amount of passengers and cargo within the allotted time. During the game new stations will be opened and the number of passengers and cargo on stations will grow.
Survival. Your task is to hold out as long as you can and see to it that stations are not overcrowded or overloaded. Build a good railway system and spend your money wisely.
Evacuation. You need to evacuate all citizens to a particular station during a short period of time. It is not necessary to evacuate cargo, but it brings double income. Think how to manage the allocated time.
Relaxation. In relaxation mode you don’t need to think about income or the accuracy of your routes. Develop your railway system as you wish and enjoy the game.




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