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Is F.E.A.R's "STRIPS" based AI "Planning" Still revelant today?

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First, I'm inexperienced, still in the beginning phase of learning C# before I even attempt C++ so excuse my naivety.

I was reading some great articles, pitches, and research papers written by AAA game devs who made golden year games around 2002-20011,

I found this paper on F.E.A.R's AI system to be quite an interesting read! I was wondering if somebody could give a quick weigh in on how this relevant this is today

Thank you for your time.

P.S. (check out the Diablo 1 proposal if your bored, that was quite the trip)

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Not really for standard behavioral AI. The problem is primarily that it doesn't scale well as you add more potential actions with objects. The search space explodes geometrically as you add more things to do. Also -- and likely worse -- you have to re-plan anytime anything in the state space changes and invalidates one of your nodes. So not only do you have huge search times, most of that is going to get thrown away on many of your think cycles.

Now multiply that across a lot of agents.

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