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A Science Fiction Galaxy

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Why: Star Trek was conceived in the 1960's, Star Wars in the 1980's... Technology of those times, placed major limitations on Creatures. Any created creatures appeared on film usually in a puppet or human wearing a mask or make up... Put simply they had major limitations, that no longer exist. One step further these franchises were made to be shows and movies, and likely never considered for 60 to 40 years of future content. Its why the franchises are weakening... While still money bags, they once broke revenue records with every movie release. The latest movies and shows milk past success living off past glory.

The Galaxy i envision rights the wrongs,  going from the beginning of time in the galaxy to the end. Were all species have its good times, and dark times.

I have a strategy, that the Galaxy will build in many directions, that involves making shows, and a wide variety of games.  The idea being the content will feed off each other, and create a fan base.   The industry has become make a game, than a sequel, than a trilogy, a prequel or 2... Using animations it creates content between new game releases to keep the fan base interested.

The Galaxy that i devised takes significantly different species, a nearly 50-50 for reptiles to mammals. With aquatic, land, and amphibious species. One aspect is home planets, and species unity... In this galaxy species will be divided, some will hate their planets. Species will have benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. 

The Galaxy would have a few rules. No time travel, heros live, but they also die at some point. No humans would be in the galaxy, humans are the home team by default, humans always overcome every obstacle and end up defeating God like beings... Which shreds the story, because the outcome is always assured, of a safe happy earth with humans ruling the galaxy. Eventually they become so powerful that the new enemies need to becoming increasingly absurd in power and strength.

What i want is a galaxy were you have 30 or more species, were you put 10 people in a room, and the odds are none have the same favorite species walking out of that room. You don't have the Golden species that's without fault. One aspect is a higher level of carnivores than traditional galaxies. Have different and unique societies and ways of doing things. Along with a great many different groups, not binary choices (rebels or empire, star fleet or anarchy)

My Species are derived from Animals, living and extinct. They are made into humanoid for usefulness purposes, obviously not carbon copies, the species are templates, in terms of abilities, behaviors, traits and qualities... Essentially extracting the mind and essence of an animal. They retain reptile or mammal attributes. 


What I'm looking for are partners, we create the primary content, and then we will allow other groups to create content, which we receive royalties once the franchise is large enough. Basically do what Electronic Arts did with Star Wars.

The possibilities are endless, musicians can create unique music for 30 plus species, open territory to create all forms of media. 

Obviously need coders, for the game side.

Animators for the shows side.

And an army to fill in the gaps.

If your interested, message me here, or send me a message.

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You forgot the theme park.

Joking aside, but 'do what Electronic Arts did with Star Wars' is a ridiculous goal for a hobby project. You might want to narrow your scope a little, for example by first making one game or publishing a book. That could lay a foundation on which you can build and get people interested.

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Posted (edited)

No no no... Going the George Lucas route, were EA Buys permission to use part of the galaxy. For an exorbitant amount of money.

Realistically if you want success in the industry you cant put blinders up and say games only... Some one runs off and generate a new story line every game....

Think of it from think of it from this perspective... How many stand alone games are left out there?? You have mega Franchises that gobble up the lions share of business... This is the elder scrolls, GTA, Madden, Fifa, dungeons and dragons, angry birds, candy crush, star wars, star trek, Halo, command and conquer, 2k sports games, minecraft, warcraft, titan fall, far cry, borderlands... Anybody notice an emerging pattern here? They make one game and run with it until they squeeze every last drop of blood out of a franchise.

Its not impossible... You make a solid concept and build around it. The good part of this, is we have control over the galaxy... Jj abrams wont be allowed to blow every planet up. We can let indie gamers fill the market with smaller games if we allow them to... Lets be honest if i was disney, and said you can use any star wars content you want. We want 10%... Half of you knowing you can slap a star wars sticker on the side of a septic tank and would sell a minimum of a million copies. Most of you would blindly jump at making a star wars game.... But why cant you? Because its not permitted if you want a profit. In my system i can be approached. Someone says i want to make a for profit game, this is what i have in mind... And is a decent chance i will say yes... But heres the beauty of the system, lets say you make a small game, i give you a few easter eggs... The franchise grows.. People go backwards and buy older games because its rumored it contains pieces and insight into a future game, Or show... As opposed to well... Games 3 years old... Sold 0 copies in the last year and a half...

In an emerging franchise it has the potential to lift up many peoples work.

Actually i have another story writer on board... I see it like this... I have the galaxy content nailed down, the engineering aspect, terminology have alliances and early history, the galaxy map. Months of effort are already in place. Simply put its almost wookipedia.

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I think video games franchises are successful before the in universe world is fully fleshed out.  Look at the obvious Sonic and Mario instances.  When I was a kid Mario had a live action show where he was a Brooklyn Pizzeria owner and Sonic began life cool.  Angry Birds started off as a catapult reskin and had very little story in the actual game, people had to sit down and think of a movie to write around it.  Minecraft was made with no story or endgame and that's what gives it longevity, it really is just gameplay.  Even the GTA franchise, which is just a parody of the real world, is real fast and loose with their in universe rules and cannon.  Sports games are a bad example, they are guaranteed to sell to people that are fans of the thing they are based on and there is 0 writing involved besides figuring out how to frame microtransactions, if anything they break in game immersion and make for a worse experience but are still successful because of the loyal fan base.  I won't go on with examples but it really seems like the horse if being put before the cart here.  Good luck with everything. 

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Sonic and mario???? nintendo, Snes and Sega? It was advanced Tetris.

If you look at angry birds, they exhausted the concept. An example of milking a franchise to death.

But if you reread what i wrote, it has to do with franchises shooting in the dark, they make a hit game, and to expand upon it, without a stable cart, the cart falls apart. The first game has the jj abrams moment of killing the enemies, and becomes sequel after sequel, of surprise hidden super enemy that is found. Plot loop holes and over kill.

You did fail to bring up the most relevant 2 franchises mentioned, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Look at Star wars they keep trying to expand upon the original trilogy, because the further they get from episode 4-6 the worse they do... So they are filling gaps in 4-6, Solo, rouge one, the 2 cartoon series... Now the Mandalorian is coming out. The reason is the story was built in the advanced space age, you have no idea, And either do they, as to how they will explain how humans conquered so many planets. Why do no other species have multiple planets? If humans are as powerful as portrayed... Than why do aliens have all the superior tech. The death star was designed by Genosians, the power source from some other alien civilization, the moncalamari make the best ships,  so why are humans so dominant? Half the planets are human led.... Bad story writing.... Were if the time was taken , they could sort the start out, and make the galaxy story lines more coherent.

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I didn't mention them because neither were created as game franchises which is the medium you want to excel in.

Star Wars and Star Trek both started out as film and TV franchises.  The amount of lore people going into a game based on either franchise is substantially more than the average video game.  If I had to watch 3 2 hour movies and a Christmas special just to get the original lore which isn't even the beginning of the timeline for a video game I would skip that one.  Those franchises are old enough to both have had games on the Atari 2600.  They are iconic, I think Star Trek has a little more creative depth to it but it was a running series that viewers spent far more time with so that's to be expected. You can see Star Wars' obvious inspirations and they're well made movies (the first 2 at least) and they weren't meant to be over thought.  I do agree everything after the 2nd Mark Hamil one was a cynical cash grab but George Lucas had to make the first 2 and they were so successful because of the special effects.

Avitar was successful for the same reason, until the last Avengers it was the top grossing film in the US.  James Cameron wrote a huge universe, 2 worlds, Earth and the other one with the blue people.  No body's favorite movie is Avatar.  Aside from blue people and giant rhinos fighting some robots and maybe Sigourney Weaver no one really remembers.  We all went to see it because it was it came out around the same time the new 3-D technology came out, same with 300, do you really think the average public cares about an obscure historically based comic book?  At least the 300 people struck while the iron was hot and made a few more movies before fizzling out.  James Cameron has been working on Avatar 2 for over a decade and unless he times its' release with the advent of some new VR or hologram futuristic theater I think it's going to be a flop.

Same with games.  You need to give people something in the medium to make them give a shit about what you've written, especially if you are going to just phone it in and make space samurais or space Columbus or whatever. 

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Avatar was a stand alone movie, if it ever had 3-4 movies... It may become more powerful? The gap between movies is a killer... Wait 30 years to watch the trilogy.

What my groups plan is, is to lean towards the animation, movie, story side. It allows for more than a few pathways, meaning you have some RPGS.. Can have smaller groups make a mortal kombat, street fighter type game. Can allow other groups to make a battle front type game. What happens is my group creates the content.. Allow others to use it... If they want a for profit game, get some royalties. The reason other groups would be ok with this, is because with established story and content, a standard game overnight becomes more, because of it's relationship to the galaxy.

Its a proven system that benefits everyone involved.

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