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[Artist Wanted] [2D] UI, Characters, Chibi, Animation...

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I am looking for an artist (or several) to help with a new indie game project. I have already published one game on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1036620/Alien_Cow_Farm/) and one on the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ZWOLYAGAMES.UnderseaOdyssey), but I do not have the artistic ability required for this new idea.


The simple plot is that players are trying to escape from a monster-infested mansion. They have a limited time to navigate the mansion, avoiding monsters and collecting keys to allow them to escape. Players have the ability to equip weapons to protect themselves from monster attacks, but they must also save inventory space for the keys and for the flashlights that allow them to travel between rooms in the first place. Because of this, a strong emphasis is placed on co-op gameplay.


This game plays like a boardgame, with rounds, player turns, and a top-down 2D map separated into rooms to move between. Because it’s a “digital boardgame”, setup and repeated round operations can be automated. The UI and static artwork must be well-representative and really sell the aesthetic, while remaining simple and clean.


As you can tell, I already have a good idea of what I’m looking for (though not a great way to describe it other than “2D, more cartoony than realistic, sort-of rugged without being full-on horror, and cohesive between the different areas”), and the mechanics of the game are already partly completed. I just don’t have the artistic skill myself to finish the job. If you agree to work with me, I will be open to any and all ideas and suggestions, but will retain final say. Because this is an indie project, I can offer revenue share after a Steam launch, but I cannot pay upfront at this time. Below I have listed the approximate amount of work needed to be done for each area of the game. If you have any questions, please just ask.



-Design a background, screen components, and several button templates with various interaction states in the Steampunk theme

-Design animation effects like distortions on said screens, moving gears, flashing lights, etc.

-Provide layout suggestions for menus not yet designed

-Style should be 2D, more cartoony than realistic



-Design 6 full-body hero characters fitting the Steampunk monster hunter theme

-Provide suggestions as to these characters’ personalities and backstory for their in-game bios

-Design “corrupted by monsters” variations of these characters

-Design 7 full-body monster characters (monster types are already chosen)

-Style should be 2D, more cartoony than realistic, possibly leaning towards anime



-Design chibi versions of the heroes and monsters above, making them look cohesive

-Design animations for the characters and monsters. Monsters and corrupted characters will only need idle, normal characters will need idle, movement, and several unique attacks.

-Design selection highlights for each

-Style should be 2D, cartoony, typical of a RPG Maker game



-Design mansion rooms, potentially upwards of 20 unique ones

-Design doors and objects to populate these rooms

-Design the 9 character items, including selection highlights for each

-Style should be the ¾ view of a typical RPG Maker game, with the caveat that all four walls are seen. Think of a 2D perspective camera.



-Design a background panorama (a silhouette of the mansion) for the title screen

-Design a few pieces of artwork to be cycled through in an opening cutscene. Exact contents ytbd, but must be cohesive with the same characters and scenery as above



-Because I am a single developer, I will also want help with finding playtesters and promoting the game


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