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[Rev-Share] C#/Unity Turn-base Strategy Wargame project seeks front-end / back-end programmers.

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Hi thanks for looking. I've been at this little ambitious project of mine for the last year now, continually researching and refining the GDD. I'm looking for those who may see potential in the project, and have some spare time to invest in its progress. The project is a 2D WW2 theme, simulation-lite, turn-base strategy game using a WEGO system. The below link will take you to a brief summary of the game. The look and feel is similar to a traditional board game with hexes and counters.

Brief Game Summary


Currently, development is done within Unity using C# language. Discord is used as the main communication hub, with gitlab used for version control and trello to assist with task organizing. The ideal plan with enough people on the team is an MVP within 30 days, and a viable show-case demo version ready within 90 days. There is lots of information to present, ideally one coder with back-end experience to help with the core mechanics, and one with front-end experience to help with layout and button functionality. A more detailed GDD is available and can be shown to interested individuals. Below you will find a link to a brief flow diagram of the game

Brief Flow Diagram


For game map, and basic mechanics, we are using a unity asset to jump-start forward progress. You can find a link describing it below. 

World Map Strategy Kit


Expectations - I consider this project a hobby, with a desire to seek a kick-starter campaign, and launch on steam. A project like this requires much pragmatism. Whether you have one hour to contribute each week, or ten, all efforts are appreciated. I encourage any and all questions surrounding the project, and invite you to a further discussion on the project through discord. You can reach me at Atheory#0528


Thanks again



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