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Is my parallax mapping ok or not?

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ello. I'm trying to achieve image like in this picture:



Here is my image: 


As you see they don't looks the same. Is my parallax mapping incorrect?



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Haven't worked with parallax mapping myself so far, so I can't help you with the details but it looks to me like it only works in the horizontal direction. If you compare the edges of the learnopengl picture with yours, you 'll see what I mean.

So I would narrow down the debugging to every instruction that affects the vertical direction.


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29 minutes ago, Frantic PonE said:

TBH if you made the second screenshot brigher it'd help

I've made it a little brighter, hope it helps. For some reason screenshots are darker then monitor images.

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5 hours ago, pcmaster said:

Yours looks flipped on the Y axis (but not on X). Posting source might help :)

Thank you . Looks like the problem solved.


The problem was how i calculated binormal vector. I have changed cross(n, t); on cross(t, n);

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