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Visual Studio - .vs folder gets huge

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Im using visual studio pro 2017 for my c++ games.

The auto-created folder ".vs" becomes roughy 2 GB per game (a game with all code, graphics and sound is in itself rougly 100 MB).

This is crazy. Can I fix this somehow? I google it and some people say you can remove some files but you loose settings inside the project. What do I loose and how to solve this quite ridiculous space wasting? (ive tried doing the "clean solution" inside visual studio but that only reduces a total of 100 MB).


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I delete it all the time (before transfer, etc) and have not noticed losing any settings. I think it's just cache. Also add it to gitignore if you use git.

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It is just cache, formerly it was a databse file near your solution in the days of pre 2015 version. In my experiments with auto generated solutions files, all you need to keep intact is the project and solution files (and the filter files if you use a custom folder view in VS), anything else can be deleted and will be restored if VS needs it. No need to worry about anything

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