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Hi! I am new to programming and want to know where I should learn basic game coding and the such. If you could help me, I'd be extremely grateful! 

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Hi and welcome,

your question probably belongs to the "Beginners" forum ...

... anyway, the question is far too general to be answered easily. Like, i want to build a house, how do i start ? So i say equally general, start learning to code C++ or C# with the help of a book or some sort of tutorial, or alternatively, start with a game engine, e.g. Unity, Unreal, or Godot.

But one thing is sure, "basic coding and such" will not suffice to make a game. As you learn to code, more specific questions will arise.

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I wouldn't bother with books or classes.

Personally, I got a lot of help in the beginning by watching TheCherno's videos on YouTube, specifically his earlier series on how to make a simple RPG game in Java, and later his series on OpenGL and C++ when I started to learn about that. I don't recommend every decision he makes in terms of best practices or choice of tools etc, but I would recommend his YouTube content, because there is a lot of it, ranging from detailed code-along style video series', to more general discussions about game making and game engine making. I think it was really helpful for me just to listen to another programmer talk about his thought processes, and to see code being created start to finish in a video-series format.

My general advice for a new programmer is -

  • Watch tutorials, lectures and talks, read articles and forums. Listen to smart people, don't believe people who say it's easy.
  • Copy things, change things, try to make it do different things, try to understand how it works. Spend long hours doing this.
  • Don't work harder than you need to. Do a search for problems before you attempt them. Look for questions on stack overflow. Find out what other people do, and use what already exists. 

In the end, my own journey led me to using game engines, which unless you're Jonathon Blow, is what I understand most indie game makers do if they want to complete something in less than a few years.

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