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Brad B

Software suggestions needed for Final Fantasy Tactics like project.

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I am relatively new to game design. There is a project I'm starting that I've been dreaming of making for years. As a writer, I've done a LOT of plot and world building, and concept art. Its my baby. lol     The only thing left is to start putting it together. I know its not going to be anything amazing, but I'm really excited to tell my story this way. So many more ways to show my world and characters than words on a page can convey.

It will be an RPG that has a style that is very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. It carries strong themes of companionship, loneliness, trust and loss. For game play I would love to have a turn based strategy combat system like FFT, or Xcom. That turn based chess board style would be perfect for many reasons, but I may go with traditional RPG turn based combat if I have to. With a few twists of course. As I'm not very experienced yet and my focus for this game is the story and characters.

My questions. If you were making a game like Final Fantasy Tactics, what software would you want to use? Where do I start? I've used Game Maker Studio 2 up till now on other projects while I'm practicing and learning. But I don't know if it could make something like Final Fantasy Tactics.

FFT is my favorite game of all time, and I still play it about once a year. I love the art style and game play, and the story is fantastic. As a kid it had quite an impact on me. If its not obvious by now, I'd say it's a major influence for this project. Hell. If I knew how to, I would be more than happy to just re purpose all of FFT  and use that to tell my story. Using the same combat system and tweaking the assets, and making my game out of it that way. Like a sort of "fan fiction game" It would be much easier, and after all, its not like I'm going to try to sell it. I don't even know if that's possible to do though.

What do you recommend I use for assets like sprites? Animations? To make cutscenes? Any other software suggestions that might help?

What kind of game engine would be best for something like Final Fantasy Tactics?

I've had reasonably good success with my projects so far. Nothing great, of course, but not too terrible. I'm really excited to make this one, as its my first attempt to take my writing to the video game medium. Its important to me that I make this as well as I can. So, any suggestions to point me in the right way would be very greatly appreciated.

So, in short. If you wanted to make Final Fantasy Tactics today, what would you use to make it?

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