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Ryan Anthony Nichols

Unreal Game Design University Student Portfolio. Reviews and Feedback Wanted!!

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One link was enough, you don't need four.

General feedback: At a glance I can't tell what you do. I see social media, Audio showreel, level designs, 3D models, sound reals again, and finally links to game design documents. Are you applying as a social media person, an audio designer, a level designer, a 3D modeler? a gameplay designer?

You've chosen an entirely uppercase font. Even though I can look at the page source to see you've written like a sane human, YOUR ENTIRE WEB SITE IS SHOUTING AT ME BECAUSE OF THE UPPERCASE FONT.

Still trying to figure out what you do, I opened your About Me page.  You've got light gray on pale blue text, which is terrible contrast and difficult to read. It is also all uppercase, stop shouting at me. Honestly by this point I lost interest, but I'm forcing myself to continue.  I can see you're in a "game design and production management degree" program, so I assume you're looking for a role as a producer.  But then I read on about level design, 3d modeling, sound, marketing, and project planning. So once again I don't see what job you want.

The rest of your portfolio is similarly unfocused.

Choose ONE job, work toward it. You won't find job advertisements looking for a level-designing-3d-modeling-audio-engineering-marketing-producer. 

Incidentally, that lack of focus is a common problem with many game-specific schools. Instead of teaching computer science (which games need), or teaching various graphic arts and animation (which games need), or teaching psychology of design (which games need), some programs briefly touch on a host of topics to educate you about the field generally, but not enough in any specific field to be useful as a productive worker.

University is not job training, but some programs are far better at preparing people for industry than others. Some programs merely educate you about the topics of the industry, rather than educate you toward a focused role within the industry.

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