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Looking for team members to make Mobile Games

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Hello all, my name is CalZeal. I enjoy making 3D models in Blender 3D. I'm new here and decided id like to try making my first mobile game with the help of others (Investors? Possibly You!). I have some knowledge of making characters/assets which a few can be seen on my twitter: https://twitter.com/Sabastian_Wipp I don't post much and don't have a specific portfolio that highlights anything as I dab in a bit of everything to complete a task I set for myself when I mess with my side project game.

Goals: Make a mobile game from start to finish and post on the app store.

Reason: Wealth, Experience, Glory

Roles: (In order of development importance)

(Priority)Lead Game Designer

(Priority)Lead Programmer


Lead 3D/2D Artist

3D/2D Artist


I will be focusing on game art/design and managing the overall progress, I think two people in each area can improve workflow and bounce off ideas to one another. As I mentioned in the goals I would like to eventually get money for the game via adverts or selling the game outright, so in turn you should expect that too. I am willing to give shares once the game is completed and or pay upfront for work that is completed based on your time and effort put into the game e.g. Set goals and milestones. Please give me a reasonable price point as this will be an ongoing expense for me. (Pay only applies to Lead positions, learner positions are unfortunately volunteer at the moment so you are paid with experience only.)

In order for this to progress anywhere I would at least need a Lead Programmer and Lead Game Designer so we can understand our boundaries and what is possible concepts. So until lead roles are filled all other positions are second priority.

Tell me a bit about yourself, and a link to your portfolio/page.    (Also i'm not sure if this is the right spot to post since it is paid and volunteer work but ill move if need be.)

Thanks for your time!



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