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Hobby Game Dev Generalist looking for others to work with

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Hi there, my name is Sean, or Ranen on the interwebs. I'm a 25 years old teacher dude in EST and I've been working on free, hobbyist game-dev in varying capacities and roles for over a decade, including stops and breaks along the way. I have finally had enough with working alone as I've discovered the motivation power of having a team to help drive creativity. In hopes of branching out and meeting others to work with, I write this post!

I have had experience with GMS 1.4, minimal experience so far with GMS2, a good bit of experience with bitsy, some experience with old Multimedia Fusion and minimal experience with the current version. I have learned spotty versions of several coding languages (HTML, CSS, Java [not javascript yet], GML), some recent modelling in Blender, lots of work with Aseprite and several audio software. It is with this that I reiterate: I am a generalist, jack of all trades and standardly proficient in none. With this in mind, I am however very good and quick with learning, am very resourceful, and can prove it with a number of projects.

My publicly available, finished game projects on itch.io include a bitsy poem, a full bitsy adventure into my first year of teaching (with contracted music and boiling over with genuine dialogue), and a game that I created in a month in GMS 1.4 that I am pretty proud of (despite the royalty free music) named Jupe on a Goop. https://ranen.itch.io/

I would love to make some sort of 2D game, made with love but no need for incredibly complex systems... I want to make something fun. Even if it is just a prototype, just to get used to working with someone new. VN? Platformer? LoZ:LTTP-like? Point-n-click? No preference! Let me know if you are interested and what you have in mind, I'd love to hear your ideas. Send me a bit of work you've done while you're at it (nothing substantial required, just something so I know who I'm working with!). Thanks for reading!

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