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Mobile game like clash of clans in unreal or unity

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I want to make a board game which looks like clash of clans, this is fourth shot for making any game, all the games that I have tried till now are third-person shooter game, every time I have completed level design and character designs but at the end project turns big and I end up with the overwhelming feeling and I give up this time I have decided to start with some small board game with low poly art style, some of the requirements and software I know are mentioned below please suggest how should i proceed.

Things I know;
-UE4 (level design, not that good but above-average knowledge of Blueprints)
-All the designing software available
- no knowledge of music

Things I am not sure of;
-Which game engine will be best for this stylized board game
-Which game engine market has better low poly asset packs (and also cheaper, because I am not in a great financial condition as of now)
-Is there a tutorial or blog I can refer to if someone else had a similar query

Let me know if there's anything else worth mentioning or anything that I have mentioned is confusing or contains less information required for answering this question.

Lots of love to the community <3

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