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Requesting Feedback on 2 of my Tracks

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Hello there! I've posted these 2 in my continuing thread, but I know they tend to get buried in the forums sometimes. These 2 tracks are part of the video game OST I'm working on for an upcoming game called "Bountied Legends". A large part of my project is tying in sounds/elements from one track into another. In this case, elements from a dungeon theme being used in a fight theme. The first track. "Well Behind Enemy Lines", is on the slower side, but I feel still builds up the tension and gives that sense of dungeon-dwelling that should help suck the player into the atmosphere:

I'm using gongs, cello plucks, chiptunes, and other such elements to bring out the atmosphere of the world. Then, when the player fights the dungeon boss, they will be greeted with a much more dramatic and intense version, found here:

While it doesn't use every single element from the initial track, it's still using enough to connect the two together. 

I'm just hoping some of you could offer your thoughts, as I have several others for the game that are following this "tie-in" style. 

Thank you in advance!

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