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PC Interactiv Film goes badly (Laggy/slow when build, and played on another copmuter)

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I done with my very first Interactive film, and it all worked until i build it. If I download the game file on a another computer, the video starts to lag or play in slow-motion. I've tried many differents things.
The video file is a H.264, and it is 24Fps.
The audio is directly from the video source.
It plays on Awake, and the playback speed value is set to 1.
It's not playing on a texture or antything
(Vsync is disabled, and Wait For First Frame is enabled, I tried to set the Target frame - Didn't work)
I use a simple sceneloader script, when someone make a chose. So when you click on a button it starts another scene, with a new Video Player.

And for some reason when i build it on the computer i used to make it, it runs smoothly. It's just when i transfer the game on to another computer via dropbox, Google drive or USB, it starts to lag...
Pls help, i really want this to work.

Any help will be much appreciated, and if your solution works, I will put your name in the Credits haha.

Link to see my broken game...

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