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2D Visual Novel Dating Sim Currently in Ren'py looking for a programmer

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Currently I have two creative talents with me on board to work with me for my visual novel dating sim and we are currently looking for a programmer to work with in Ren'py (or another program if that works), minimal pixel art and it would require being able to contribute creatively as well as programming a stat/leveling system, affection system, calendar/scheduling activities system, a minimal sidescrolling exploration system and it would also be nice to have a GUI designer. If any clarification or anyone is on board contact me on discord kalydos#0726

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There is now a more concrete description of the mechanics and what will be required to be programmed into the game.

Gallery/CG(special scenes you unlock)

Battle system:

  • Rpg for battles
    Chibi/pixel art style
    teams of 3
    Choose your team and you get hearts for like comboing with a character *Think Fire Emblem
    Mana/MP is important to perform magic you need mana
    Story related battles will have cutscenes
    • Protag:
      For first half their magic use is limited
      Mid Act 2 she has the most powerful magic in the game, but it costs health to use it (bloodmage/blood magic)

Basic exploration and activity calendar system:

  • Spend time in towns, gamble to earn money, buy potions and equipment
    Spend time with characters or train/study to learn magic or study with characters wink wonk study dates lmao like you get scenes for studying the 1st time, 3rd, and maybe before the final boss if you choose to
    It’s also random where the characters are so you could find one studying (like in Monster Prom) branching conversations

Affection Choosing certain dialogue causes specific characters to like you more and can trigger specific events that can lead you to get closer to a character and gaining more lore and allows you to trigger choices that lead to specific endings that have specific stat and affection requirements.

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I think that for the mechanics that you require, is better to use an RPG Maker , so you will have combat , exploration, growing stats and also still be able to show dialogs with animation and images.

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