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MeshVertexColors discarded in .X files on export from 3DS/Maya

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hi I am having problems extracting vertex color information from models in both Maya 4.0 and 3D Studio Max 4. I have written a complete .X (ascii) parser, but when we''ve created models and exported them using the appropriate .dle/.mll, no MeshVertexColors come through I am a bit worried about this because I have not yet found a single .X file that contains MeshVertexColors. After a bit of digging, I found that the code to export vertex colors appears to have been commented out in both the Maya and Max exporters. Does anyone know if un-commenting out this code and recompiling the .dle/.mll will cause the values to come through? Has anyone managed to get prelit vertex colors into .X files through any means whatsoever? thanks, Chris Chown

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