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special SiS630 drivers?

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hi, i just got myself a new laptop and some of the openGL stuff i did on my geforce2 now look different. - lighting seems to be a bit less colorful (no real problem) - start and endpoints of horizontal and vertical lines seem to be rounded differently, if i have a horizontal and a vertical line starting at the exact same vertex, sometimes where they meet it looks like ___************ ____* ____* edit: why does this stupid board drop additional ____* spaces at the beginning of a line? edit2: everywhere! ____* this makes formatting impossible - the worst problem: GL_LINE_LOOP takes only up to 36 vertices! then it connects the 36th with the 1st one and goes on with the rest. have you ever heard of these problems? are there special drivers for the SiS630 chipset to address these problems? is it possible to deactivate hardware support for openGL so the results would be slower but correct? thx Peter Edited by - PeterTheMaster on December 11, 2001 8:24:34 AM Edited by - PeterTheMaster on December 11, 2001 8:25:29 AM

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1) The board doesn''t remove extra spaces. The HTML format compresses multiple spaces into a single one.
2) Your laptop''s video card is pretty scary. You may be able to fix those problems with a driver update (if you can find one). That''s probably your only hope.

I''m not sure how else to help, but good luck .

[Resist Windows XP''s Invasive Production Activation Technology!]

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